Dessert Buffets Trending

Dessert Buffet Trending!
While Candy Bars are a hit, Dessert Buffets are making their way into wedding receptions.  Brides are now taking more control over the dessert aspect of their reception and creating a more personalized, unique way thanking their guests with a sweet treat. Dessert buffets can include anything from mini cheesecakes, bite sized brownies or muffins, to individual desserts in martini or shot glasses.  The last wedding we coordinated which had a dessert table consisted of the wedding cake, Mexican cookies, sweet bread, and churros!  It was such a hit at the reception for all ages.  By adding different levels of height, textures, colors, and display dishes to dessert table, the desserts and displays adds a gorgeous display!  Dessert buffets are a great way to include wedding theme and wedding colors. The buffet is different, and it offers family, guests and loved ones variety.  Another trend is to incorporate a candy bar and dessert buffet together on one table.
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3 thoughts on “Dessert Buffets Trending

  1. This is exactly what i wanted at my wedding. I didnt get to do it because I couldnt find anyone that had made a mexican candy/dessert table. And to make matter even more difficult it had to be kosher. I only found a place in Mexico City but that was just out of the question.

    Im hoping to try this idea again for my baby shower. I first have to get pregnant I guess, right?

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