Introducing 2013’s Color of the Year: Mint!

Each year one color dominates wedding trends, chosen by style makers and designers all over. We are thrilled to announce 2013’s color of the year is mint. Mint was seen on the runway throughout 2012 and is a color that mixes wonderfully with many other colors. This cool color is refreshing and classic. Combining mint with neutral colors like champagne, taupe, whites and browns gives a calming effect. These color palettes go fantastically with cute and dainty decor details as well as nature-inspired weddings. Garden, park-like and ranch styled venues would be terrific spots for weddings with this color palette. Mint is stylish and can be used throughout the wedding design including the attire (mint ties for the groomsmen under a gray suit), decor (serving station accent platters) and more.  The print from your save the dates to invitations can have hints (or more) of mint which sets the tone from the moment guests receive the big news. We like seeing accents of the color in ribbon, candles, signage and shoes!

For a bolder approach, match mint with a deep ruby red to give a richer and more energetic feel to the design. Going with a more lively color pairing can be a lot of fun and fantastic for venues that are indoor and have more of a late night party atmosphere. This is terrific for couples who desire to have the color of the year in their decor yet also want to have a more energetic vibe. It is also important to keep the season in mind and pair mint with an appropriate seasonal color. For example, for a spring wedding mint would be divine with earthy taupes and or paired with another pastel. In winter, mint and slate grey or a warmer gold would be lovely.  I recently had my bedroom and restroom painted a slate gray and have been trying to decide which color to pair in these rooms since gray is extremely neutral.  I am inspired to accent the rooms with mint and ruby! This color palette would accomplish that serene atmosphere needed for the relaxation I desire for this space. Mint has elegance and we are excited to see it be the color of the year for 2013!

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