Romantic Picnic for Two ~ L’Auberge, Dom Perignon and Surprises!

Meliza, a former bride and present friend, contacted me to create a romantic picnic for her friends, Erica and Dustin.  Erica and Dustin were married at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this past summer and did not have a honeymoon.  Thus, being an ever thoughtful friend, lovely Meliza wanted to give them a surprise mini honeymoon in the area. She arranged for Erica and Dustin to stay the weekend at the stunning L’Auberge Resort in Del Mar, CA.


Everything about this romantic weekend was a surprise for the couple. Erica and Dustin received a sweet note in the mail with the address of L’Auberge and a time to check in. When the couple arrived, they received welcome ‘his and hers’ cocktails.  After their cocktails, the couple were treated at the spa for hours of serious unwinding! After becoming completely relaxed, they entered their room to find a fold down of white rose petals spread out in the letters E + D along with another darling letter directing them to the concierge at 5:30.

My assistant and I had a gorgeous picnic set up with Dom Perignon champagne and delicious food from L’Auberge which included flatbread, french fries and a fruit platter placed in a cute wicker picnic basket. The lawn was adorned with candlelight and rose petals to add to the beauty of the couples’ sunset view. Soft blankets were laid out along with a delicate floral arrangement which resembled the bride’s wedding bouquet.



At the concierge, the couple were instructed to follow a path of ivory rose petals along the sidewalk which transitioned into blush petals and finally dark pink petals. This beautiful path led them to their secluded picnic on the lawn which overlooked the spectacular Pacific Ocean.  The couple couldn’t stop smiling when they discovered their destination. We, of course, discreetly looked on at a table away from them but could see their joy. We absolutely loved creating this special day and night for them! They enjoyed their mini honeymoon and were amazed by the details and thought that went into the picnic and stay at L’Auberge. Thank you Meliza for allowing us to help gift this couple with such an unique and astounding event!

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