Floating Lanterns at weddings!

We’re excited to share a current wedding and event trend with you: floating lanterns! Floating lanterns are very unique and create an enchanting experience. We wanted to share this because firstly, they look magical and secondly, we want to inform our readers of the safest and best way to incorporate them into events.

The floating lantern was created centuries ago by a Chinese military office as a signal beacon. Ever since they have been part of the Asian culture and are released on the Chinese New Year into the sky as a symbol of good luck for the coming year. The Thai people believe the floating lanterns will carry away their problems. The look these floating lanterns create is spectacular. It’s like floating, glowing balloons are rising high into the night sky. A former client and her family recently released floating lanterns in memory of her brother who passed away a year ago.

The release of lanterns here in the U.S. initially had some environmental concerns. The wires inside were not considered safe for animals and there was also a safety concern due to the large open flames. There are now companies selling wireless and eco friendly lanterns with guidelines on releasing. This includes releasing in an open area (away from both city and farmland). The lantern climbs until the wax fuel cell burns out and once it does, the air inside the lantern cools and it returns down. Getting eco friendly lanterns is important because it is safe for the environment with biodegradable materials.  You can find eco friendly lanterns at Event Lanterns and Sky Orbs.

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