What many brides forget!

Guest count? Check. Music? Check. Dress? Check. Accessories? Oops…

The bride, who will have everyone’s attention, has forgotten her accessories for the most important day of her life. About 90% of brides walk out with no accessories for two main reasons. The first is that the bridal store did not have a large selections and the second is that many bridal stores carry accessories that are too expensive. At Your Side Planning recently connected with Sandra Nicole Designs to get you the scoop on the best way to solve this bridal predicament. Sandra Nicole is a boutique which specializes in styling a bride on her wedding day. As more brides are coming to realize the importance of accessories Sandra Nicole’s company has been expanding.


Sandra’s process begins with the the bride showing her the dress and communicating any ideas she may have in mind about her wedding accessories. First up is the hair. Will the bride be wearing a veil? Have it up or down? Does she want a headpiece? The hair and headpiece help determine other accessories. She suggests wearing the opposite of how you wear your hair everyday, creating a drastic change. Sandra then has the brides try on their dress and play a little dress up! There are so many varieties of dresses and each bride has her own style, making the options are endless.



When choosing the right accessories, pick items that compliment the wedding dress. Having too many accessories or accessories that are loud can be too much for the eye and may take away from the dress. To combat this Sandra allows one focal point. For example, if the dress is simple and the bride is styling her hair up with a veil Sandra will choose an elegant necklace that will get an eye’s attention. She lets her clients know that “their wedding day is their time on the red carpet.” With all eyes on you and your photos being taken all day, you want to look your best.


Not only does Sandra have to keep up with wedding trends, but she also has to keep up with fashion trends. What’s hot with what and what’s not? According to Sandra, throughout the seasons the style stays consistent between a conservative look with elegance, soft and sparkle, though lately many brides have been putting more personality into their theme. Last year Sandra made plenty of headpieces to conjure up the feeling from the Great Gatsby, or 1920s style. As for the year to come, Sandra is seeing lots of Old Hollywood looks with pops of red.


It is often easy for a bride to forget her accessories. She has been so busy planning that she has completely forgotten about herself. Brides, you want to look the best on one of the most memorable days of your life, and most importantly you want to look your best for the groom. We ladies know that accessories can make or break an outfit, so think of your wedding look as an outfit and make it pop, be adventurous, represent your personality, and remember to compliment the dress.

Information from Sandra Nicole Designs.

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