Creating your own Photobooth!

Photo stations have become part of the wedding reception culture. Without a doubt when you attend a wedding these days, there will be a photo booth or photo station! They are interactive, fun and a great way for guests to meet one another.

If a professional photo booth is not in your budget, don’t worry! There are many cost effective ways to create your own photo station without breaking the bank. The first step is to scope out your venue and decide on the best location. The ideal spot is somewhere with a solid wall or a place to hang a backdrop. If you choose to use a backdrop you can purchase a solid or designed sheet, curtain or tapestry. You can even make your own by ripping different solid colored sheets into strips and hanging them. Use a bamboo curtain for a tropical themed wedding or make a sparkly curtain with little round mirrors glued to string. Not too crafty? Choose a shower curtain with a map on it and have guests color in where they’re from with markers!


Next, think about the props and outfits you’ll provide for posing with. You want your guests to have fun and dress up for their photos! You can find many things at discount stores, party supply stores, and online sites such as Oriental Trading. Consider items such as sunglasses, hats, boas and crowns. Take a look in your own closet too! You can use items from halloween costumes or accessories or clothing you are waiting to come “back in style!” Personalize your props with a jersey from your favorite sports team or something else that reflects you as a couple.

Thirdly, decide how you would like the photos captured. Options include buying a polaroid camera and film — a unique option but a little on the pricy side. Alternately, you can use a digital camera and purchase an instant printer. These two options are the simplest.


Having a photo station attendant is important as someone will need to take photos and maintain the station. If there are polaroid cameras the film will need to be replenished. This person could be a family member or friend. If you are going to have the photo station open during cocktail hour, be sure to choose someone other than immediate family or bridal party since cocktail hour is usually the time for group photos. There could be a few people rotating to help out at the station so everyone has time to enjoy the reception.

Lastly, once guests take their photo you want to be sure they are saved. You can have an album or scrapbook in which guests can leave a wedding wish, decorate their page and post their picture. If you choose this option be sure to leave pens or markers and glue or tape at the station. If the photo booth was just for fun, the guest can take the picture as a party favor. If you want to give the photos as a favor and create a scrapbook, be sure to have enough film and/or printer paper to make two copies for every photo.


Photo Booths are a big hit at a wedding receptions. Guests create memories, and it can even become a unique guestbook. If you have any questions about how to create your own photo station, please email us and we’d be happy to offer input. Mention this blog!


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