Unique Color Combination

We love original color combinations for weddings. This color combo is unique and trendy. The delicate white and pink roses surround the peach, purple and deep burgundy colors that bring a pop to the arrangement. With a multi-colored palette comes the opportunity to incorporate all of these gorgeous colors into any aspect of your event.

This mix of colors grants a multitude of ways to become incorporated into the event decor and design. A subtle yet elegant option is to bring out the lighter pink as the focus color. Another great choice is to highlight the deep romantic shades of burgundy. These colors can be highlighted in the attire.


A trendy decision would be to not only integrate one color into the attire, but two or more. The bridesmaids dresses and men’s ties and vests could be light pink, peach or burgundy depending on the style of the wedding and the venue location. The same would hold true for the linens. Imagine walking into the reception of your dreams with a myriad of your favorite colors. The deep burgundies or light peach shades would make a great color choice for the bridesmaid dresses or the table linens to create a noticeable contrast. Floral centerpieces will mimic your bouquet, while guest favors, candles, escort cards and even your cake bring pops of color to tie everything together.


With this exemplary color palette we hope to open your eyes to the wide array of opportunity for your special day. If your style is dramatic, then we recommend focusing on deeper colors. If your style is more subtle, a focus on softer colors may be what you are looking for. There are countless options when choosing a color palette that suits your own unique style.


Photos by: Shadowcatcher Imagery

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