Chinese – Jewish Fusion Wedding at The Prado

There are countless ways to wish newlyweds a lifetime of good wishes and luck in their marriage. Ben and Adrianna celebrated their love on their big day with the union of two very distinct cultures. Adrianna’s side of the family may have been blessing the couple by saying “Bainian Haohe (百年好合),” which is one such way of offering congratulations in Chinese. Ben’s family may have been using the congratulatory Hebrew term “Mazel Tov ( מזל טוב) .” Both of these terms of well wishes represent two cultures joined together for this beautiful couple’s wedding day.


Ben and Adrianna, dressed in time-honored attire, took part in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony prior to their wedding ceremony. The Alhambra room of The Prado was filled with gorgeous hues of vibrant reds and gold. Adrianna’s family did a fabulous job of bringing this ancient tradition to life in the heart of Balboa Park.


After the completion of the tea ceremony, Ben and Adrianna signed the Ketubah, a formal marriage license in the Jewish religion. After signing, the bride left to get ready for the wedding ceremony. She looked stunning in a traditional white lace gown with subtle ruching on the bodice.


The couple participated in a bedekken with their family prior to their ceremony. A bedekken ceremony is essentially a first look for the bride and groom before a Jewish wedding ceremony.


The ceremony commences and the groom proceeds to veil the bride and recite a blessing. After this, it was time for Adrianna and Ben to join in matrimony. A full Jewish wedding took place outside in The Prado’s breathtaking courtyard. Elizabeth of Barliz Flowers created beautiful floral arrangements with splashes of color carried down the aisle by the bride and her bridesmaids. An elegant Chuppah stood overhead the couple, with the newly signed Ketubah displayed beside them.


Greg of G Sharp Entertainment played the guitar for the ceremony. With a Rabbi to officiate, a cantor to lead the prayers and a small choir, Ben and Adriana said their I Dos in the traditional manner of the culture.


Between the ceremony and the reception the couple snuck away to enjoy a few minutes alone, then continued to delight in the beauty of Balboa Park with a Mr. and Mrs. photo session. A photographer that utilized the stunning beauty of Balboa Park and two beautiful newlyweds was a recipe for magnificent photos.


The couple, being the baseball fans that they are, decided to use different MLB stadiums to name their tables. Table names were placed among elegant floral centerpieces and candles were strewn throughout the grand ballroom to give a romantic feel to the evening.

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The decor throughout was stunning and magical! The cake was a tiered masterpiece adorned with flowers to perfectly match the floral centers of each guest table.


And the custom toppers were adorable – two figurines from the two colleges the couple attended (Notre Dame and UCLA).


Family and friends of the happy couple had a great time dancing the night away thanks to Greg Shibley who turned his guitar playing skills from the ceremony into even more lively and fun DJ skills at the reception! And Adrianna and Ben know that no newlywed Jewish couple is safe from the horah! The two of them were hoisted into the air for the traditional chair dance. Everyone participated and had a fantastic time.


Christina with Christina OBrien Photography captured every moment perfectly. We thank her for these lovely photos.


We wish the wonderful couple a happy and healthy marriage! Baitou Xielao and L’Chaim!

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