Guest Blog: 5 Amazing Honeymoon Ideas on a Budget

San Diego Party Ride graciously offered to write a fantastic blog for us to post for our readers. We learned something by reading this and we hope you can as well!


You’re married! Congrats! All the stress of the wedding planning is finally over and you can sit back, relax and begin your married lives together. The one thing couples don’t want to be thinking about at this point is one more added cost. However, organizing a much needed honeymoon after your wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. This article will get you out and having a great time for fractions of what most couples spend on a honeymoon. The author’s goal is to provide a few inexpensive yet desirable ideas for all newlyweds to consider when planning on a budget.

One of the most common honeymoon ideas is to take a cruise. It sounds awesome right? You get to sail around and visit only the most exotic destinations while sipping on margaritas or whatever your little heart’s desire. Sounds too good to be true, right? Isn’t this article about cheap ideas? Well, you will be surprised but cruises are actually very affordable. If you do your research right you can even get an all-inclusive deal for the two of you to eat and drink all you want for one low cost. Prices vary depending on what type of cruise you select but you can get away for less than $1000 including airfare. It won’t be two weeks of cruise time but at least the two of you can get some much needed relaxing in for a few days. Cruises depart out of the west and east coast so you wouldn’t have to fly far if at all. They are a blast, offer a ton of activities to keep you entertained, and you are able to visit different islands or countries along the way.

Why not have a staycation or a ‘Homeymoon’ right there in your home state? You would be surprised what is available to newlyweds within driving distance of their own home! This idea is going to require a little bit of your time on the internet but can save you loads of cash. Do a quick internet search for honeymoon destinations in your home state and the results will probably overwhelm you. Bed and breakfasts, hotels, casinos, retreats, and more will pop up as affordable options. The best part of staying in your home state is you won’t have to purchase plane tickets or have your passports in addition to other expenses normally incurred when going out of town. Even you if you live in the middle of nowhere, there is typically a larger city within driving distance. Get a hotel room there and enjoy the city to the fullest. Helicopter and balloon rides, museums, local bars and restaurants, zoos, and boating are just a few ideas that larger cities offer to keep people entertained.

Road Trip
One of the coolest ideas for a honeymoon has to be to take a road trip. It would be fun for you and your spouse to pick a bunch of must see destinations around the country and hit the road! Gas prices are at an all-time low right now which makes this idea an even cheaper alternative. Don’t have great transportation? No big deal! Do a quick internet search for either a car/SUV rental or even a motorhome rental near you and ride in style around the USA. Traveling in a motorhome allows you to avoid the costs of hotel stays. Stocking your motorhome ahead of time with food and drinks will also save you tons of money on eating out! You can find really affordable rentals online with a bit of research. Road trips are always exciting especially if you are with your best friend. Get out there and see the country!

You might think that a Las Vegas or Atlantic City honeymoon would be expensive but that isn’t always the case. These gambling destinations are literally begging people to frequent their casinos. Check out Groupon or other hotel/air deals online and you will be shocked at how affordable one of these trips is. A whole week of gambling might not be a cheap honeymoon idea but who said you had to gamble? Las Vegas and other gambling destinations offer excellent food, drink, hotels, shopping, hiking, and other fun activities as well. These casino towns are always a lot of fun even if you don’t spend a lot of time gambling. Take advantage of the other aspects of the town and save a bunch of money on your honeymoon. For those who enjoy gambling, maybe you will get lucky and win some money there as well. A lot of the casinos will also comp rooms or provide free dinners when you play their slots or table games.

All Inclusive Hotel/Resort
For those of you that don’t know already, an all-inclusive hotel or resort offers all you can eat food and drink (yes, alcohol too!) They also typically offer additional amenities like bikes, live music, transportation etc. Booking a few days at any all-inclusive destination can save you loads of money on the food and drinks alone, not to mention you also get a place to stay. A quick google search reveals all-inclusive resorts and hotels around the USA as well as any foreign destinations. Imagine how much money you would spend on just food and drinks during your honeymoon! All-inclusive trips are similar to the cost of a cruise or even less if you do some research or book through websites such as Groupon. Who knows, they might even have resorts or all inclusive hotels in your home state. Maybe you could drive to the resort area and save on airfare as well! Do a bit of research and check out all the cool destinations available to you.

These are just a few ideas to help newlyweds save money on their honeymoon. This article isn’t all encompassing and there are many more ideas out there for anyone on a budget. Skipping a honeymoon because of lack of funding is almost a thing of the past these days. Be creative and you will be able to enjoy much needed time alone with your best friend without breaking the bank!

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