Simplifying the Wedding

Everyone has their own idea of their perfect wedding. Be it large or small, they all require quite a bit of planning and research to pull off an ideal nuptial event.


Flexibility is the key to simplicity and a smooth planned event.

Modify the Guest List

When there is a larger guest list, things to consider such as venue, parking, menu, and drinks are all a priority. Most places have a per person charge for food and that is whether you have it in-house or catered.


By limiting guests to close family and friends, your finances are free for more venue and menu options.


The bridal gown is most important clothing item in the ceremony. Azazie is the perfect place for bridal attire. The bridesmaid’s dresses have evolved over the years and are now either all matching as in years past or the bride chooses a color and or length then allows each girl to choose a dress which best suits her in that theme.


The guys are dressing down these days in jeans, button downs and vest for smaller less formal weddings, allowing more of the spotlight to shine on the bride to full tuxedos and bow ties for the larger more formal affairs.


Have It Catered

Whether you choose to have an outside wedding or go with a venue, for the sake of simplicity have it catered. Choose a buffet or finger foods and keep it simple and basic.


Save money with a non traditional wedding cake. Here is a good example.


Easy Decorations

Less is more when it comes to décor for a wedding especially when simplicity is the goal. The goal is understated and chic.


Choosing flowers that are in season, (and are available locally) will go a long way in keeping the budget down. Simple Bows and Ribbons with a few seasonal flowers and you are on your way.


Outdoor weddings are a great venue within themselves, you can’t beat “mother Nature” as a backdrop for a wedding, whether you are in Hawaii, San Diego, or Atlanta.



A little checking around and you will find affordable invitations and thank you notes. If you start adding engraving charges, place cards etc. you add time and money and our goal is to simplify.


In today’s social media abilities it would probably be easiest to set a social media site on the invitation for updates.


Often times you hear the question where are you registered? If you already have an apartment or house set up you may not need to register as someone just starting out. A great option for a useful gift that requires little effort on the gift giver part is a free crowdfunding site or a free honeymoon registry such as Plumfund.


This is a way family and friends can give a gift to you that is important to you. It takes the burden off of them from getting out to go shopping and they can take comfort in knowing their gift to you will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Keep your Sense of Humor

The most important thing to remember is today is your wedding day. You are marrying the person of your dreams. If all things do not go perfectly you will still get married and you will have a story to tell about what happened on “YOUR” wedding day.


Be happy, be flexible, and remember every little glitch is a story for the future.


Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


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