Practical and Personalized: High-Quality Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

When you think about getting gifts for members of your wedding party, you have three or four basic goals: You want the gift to be practical, personal, convenient and you want it to look expensive (whether it is or not).

Since we now have the internet at our fingerprints, this is a possibility that doesn’t take weeks of searching through boutiques.

Who has time for that while planning for a wedding???

In this list, I’ve noted a few special things that fit all of the points above. (Well, let’s be honest, if you’re shopping online, they’re all convenient). 

Hopefully, you will be inspired to find things that are also unique to your groomsmen (or best man, or fathers in the wedding. . . or any of those guys who’ll make that wedding great).

Grooming Set

grooming set

Personalized Barber Grooming Set with Straight Razor Blade, Wood Comb, Scissors & Sharpening Stone, $74.51,

This awesome vintage barber grooming set is both unique and fully personalized.

Perfect for today’s man (especially those many men out there who are going for the perfect beard), it’s also practical. 

Its got the kind of “old world charm” that is perfect for rustic or themed weddings, and it makes a memorable gift.  The kit contains a sharpening stone, barber-style razor, scissors, and comb. Just about everything in the kit is personalized.

This is packaged in a 10” long wooden box that is also personalized, which makes it great for display when your men are not using it.

Often men neglect to spend money on items for their personal care.  We see you, men! This awesome kit is a chance to give your guys an elegant, practical treat.

Engraved Multi-Tool


Leatherman Juice 2 Multitool in Granite Gray, $69.95 plus $6.95 for engraving,

Every time I gift a multi-tool to one of the manly men in my life, it is a hit. There is something so practical about a multi-purpose instrument for those who are handy (or long to be!).

The Leatherman brand is a reliable, well-made multitool. (They have a great story if you want to check it out here.) With a well-known history of being amazingly handy as well as long-lasting, it’s an elegant and durable gift.

This multi-tool measures 3 ¼” closed. It comes with textured granite gray aluminum handles and contains needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, a 420HC Knife, Spring-action scissors, can opener, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver. . .


Hold on, I needed to take a breath. . . .


Medium/Large flat screwdriver, small screwdriver, and extra-small screwdriver (you know, the one you need when your glasses or a kid’s toy breaks). 


Come to think of it, I really want one of these in my purse. For $6.95, you can engrave it with either your groomsman’s name, a sentiment (i.e., thanks for being awesome or don’t tell anyone about the cat!) or if short enough, both.


He’ll use it forever and he’ll remember it’s from you two.  And that’s exactly what you want.

Gunmetal Cufflink

gunmetal cufflink

Personalized Cufflinks – Gunmetal Square, $29.99,

Honestly, there’s a pretty good chance that several of your groomsmen are too young to even own one nice set of cufflinks.

It’s a rite of passage–the first cufflink. I still remember sorting through my dad’s many and colorful cufflinks to search for the ones he would wear when going to a concert or a wedding.  They didn’t come out often, but they were such special man jewelry.

These gunmetal cufflinks are manly while still being classic and elegant. They can be personalized with up to 3 initials, and advertise that they have a secure clasp.

This is the epitome of a practical, chic gift. Also, these are surprisingly affordable and look more expensive than they will cost you.



Customizable Groomsmen Gift Set-Statement Men’s Dress Socks, $56.00,

Socks, you say? Nothing is more awesome than a statement sock! You can fully customize these four pairs of socks for each groomsman. This set comes with four bags–but you can buy a four-pack for each groomsman, and make it into a real-life statement!

These socks are 75% cotton, stretch from low to mid-calf, and come in bold, unapologetic colors! Shown here are the mint socks, but there are many to choose from.

Highly affordable and practical, an accent sock can be worn for the day of your wedding or for the future. Personalize the colors for each groomsman, rather than matching your wedding, and give them some socks for future events!

But even better, these socks have a social purpose.  From their website:

The goal of this collection is to generate sustainable funding by inviting our customers to purchase socks that help provide clean water. Each pair of socks provides 100 days of clean water for an individual in Africa. Each sock is also produced through a vertically-integrated supply chain, ensuring that through each step of the process, the people creating the socks are treated with dignity and respect and are fairly compensated for their work.


Thank you to Vow To Be Chicand for this guest blog post!






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