A Groom’s Guide to a Destination Wedding

So, you are lucky enough to have booked that dream wedding in the sun. A taste of bridal paradise if you will. From mingling in Maui to sunning it up in Seychelles, grooms need to pay attention to those vital details. 

And we are not just talking about throwing their passport and sunnies into his hand luggage. Oh, no folks…but before you shout Bon Voyage, there’s so much more to a destination wedding. 


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Even before you kick off your flip flops on the golden sands, there is lots of prep to undertake. In the first place, consider getting suited and booted before you jet off to your wedding hotspot. Squeezing into your three-piece or tux like a penguin? It will certainly be worth it as there will be no time for adjustments at 30,000 feet. 

Meanwhile, a groom should think about what to pack. After all, he can’t be waddling around in his tux for the entire weekend. Whether flying off to a long or short-haul location, you will be at your venue for at least a few days. 

In this way, it is imperative you pack enough clothes so you don’t get hot under the collar. Jaunting off to tie the knot? Read on and consult our one of a kind beach wedding guide for grooms.

Protect Those Essentials


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We have all heard about getting protection. 

Well, this is all about providing security for the groom’s wedding gear. If you are heading to a tropical resort you will need to factor in what you actually require to ensure a seamless luggage collection at the other end. 

First things first, why not consider buying a smart garment bag for your specific attire. Ideal for a destination wedding, whack in your wedding costume as well as any accessories such as a tie clip, cufflinks or boutonnieres for the ultimate storage solution. 

If you’re taking everything but the kitchen sink or packing a few key items, you may want to invest in a stylish weekender bag. Effortlessly chic and super luxurious, strut to your wedding destination in style thanks to a sleek and spacious holdall. 

Great for short trips, there are numerous articles like this one offering ideas on the best travel bags. 

Thank Your Bros

It’s not quite time yet to sit back by the pool with a Pina Colada or Mojito. 

Remember, you are going to have a think about how to thank your buddies…at least in between having a dip in the plunge pool.


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And what better way to show your appreciation for years of friendship and crazy capers with a top-notch groomsmen gift. Although your gang will want to make your wedding into the Hangover, your pals deserve as much pampering as the groom.

In this way, you should really put some thought into spoiling them rotten. Go for something that is not only long-lasting but will also make a lasting impression. Tailor your groomsmen present to your pals’ tastes, hobbies, and interests and he will cherish those man hugs even more.

On the other hand, you don’t want something cluttering up your man’s closet so finding a practical groomsmen gift is just as important. How about a money clip, leather wallet or a smart beer mug? Smack on personalization for a truly unique man gift. 

Are you already at the check-in desk? Have some downtime before the big bash? If you cannot find room in your man bag check out a range of custom groomsmen gift sites 


Meet the Manager




Image Source: www.truephotography.com

One of the key areas you need to literally lockdown is all matters concerning the wedding and the venue itself. 

Ranging from food and beverage to guest accommodation queries, you should discuss everything in detail with the hotel manager including room rates. As a result, your guests can benefit from discounted lodging for the duration of their stay. 

Better still if you have a dedicated event or wedding planner on site, you can easily rack their brains with this and other queries. 

Food Glorious Food


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The dining experience will need to be given proper care and consideration over. With Zoom now de rigeur, arrange a few meetings over this platform before embarking on your journey.

When it comes to the menu, go over the details regarding food ideas or a cuisine you prefer from your travels with your better half. And leave no wedding stone unturned as far as the venue is concerned. Make sure everything is covered with your designated planner from the seating plan to the open bar.

If your head is in a marital spin there are many articles offering insight on how to plan the perfect destination wedding.

Thank you Emma with www.vowtobechic.com for this great guest blog!





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