San Diego Elopements

We have recently begun to specialize in Elopements for couples choosing to have a wedding ceremony in San Diego! Eloping has been so popular this past year when gatherings have not been possible in San Diego. What it means to elope has also evolved. Unlike before, when eloping was considered a taboo, today many couples are in favor of exchanging their vows in such a unique way. If you still think that a full wedding with many guests is the only way to get married, then read on!

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Eloping just means that rather than hosting a formal wedding with a ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner with lots of guests, the celebration is rather an intimate ceremony with a few guests. It doesn’t mean that you run away with your fiance in secret or do not have the blessing of your parents.

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Some still have this understanding when they hear about elopements. It is actually an intimate way of saying “I do!” if you don’t want to do a traditional wedding. We have recently launched new Elopement packages for couples looking to have a wedding ceremony in San Diego. All of our packages include the location, permit, floral and ceremony planning as well as a wedding coordinator to orchestrate the rehearsal and manage the ceremony.

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Our Always and Forever Elopement package includes wedding ceremony planning, coordination and management. We include the bayside location, permit, officiant, floral, chairs, table with linen, sound system and wedding coordinator. We dress up the location with aisle and ceremony decor as well as welcome signage. It is perfect for couples eloping to San Diego who have up to 20 guests! Our wedding officiant mails your marriage certificate as well. We include a rehearsal or walk through prior to the ceremony day so that you are familiar with the location, where to park as well as ceremony logistics.

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If you feel like a traditional wedding is not for you, please message us so we can get started! Our packages begin at just $1099.00 and we are excited to plan with you! Please visit our website for all details and email us to get started at

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Photo Credit: Amy Golding (first two photos) & Jamie English (third photo) & Copper Collective (last two).

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