La Jolla Sheraton Love

It was a warm and sunny day in La Jolla, California. The beauty preparation began early at The Sheraton La Jolla. Kelsey and her ladies spent the morning getting ready with help of Glo Beauty Bar and they looked so beautiful!


Since Kelsey is a nanny, we loved how she chose two adorable  flower girls and two ring bearers to be part of the wedding entourage. The children did a fabulous job walking down the aisle prior to the bride! Continue reading


Pacific Ocean Waves + Romance

The breathtaking pacific ocean was the backdrop for Melissa and Bill’s ceremony in Carlsbad, California. With the waves rolling and the warm sun brushing the couples faces, everything for their day was incredible.


Melissa started her day at the beautiful Four Seasons Residence Club where a close friend provided hair and makeup services. Melissa was a stunning bride and her dress was spectacular! Continue reading

Gorgeous Wedding at The Dana

Denise and Anthony’s wedding at The Dana on Mission Bay in San Diego was spectacular. The day was warm and lovely with boats sailing along the bay as a backdrop to the ceremony site. The couple were surrounded by family and friends including sponsors (people the couple respect and admire that give their blessing to the marriage) who were dressed in traditional Filipino attire. We loved how their beautiful daughter was also their flower girl.



Denise and Anthony had a large bridal party and they had such a cheerful time getting ready the morning of the wedding! The wedding palette was timeless and elegant, with a mix of ivories and blushes. Continue reading

Whimsical Disney Wedding

I was thrilled to come on board for Dan and Stephanie’s wedding design and planning! Not only did this couple love Disneyland but Dan also proposed to Stephanie in front of the romantic. We adored creating this Disney styled wedding and enjoyed every part of the planning as much as they did.


From the moment the guests entered everything was perfect. The Japanese Friendship Gardens was the venue where the magic happened and it was a gorgeous day. Guests picked up customized wedding programs designed as a Disney brochure of course. Continue reading

Brewery Love at Karl Strauss

Stephanie and Daniele’s wedding was gorgeous. Surrounded by lush gardens and unique decor, everything about their day was original. These high school sweethearts who traveled from afar to celebrate with their closest family and friends equaled one of the most special weddings we have coordinated. We loved the fusion of nature mixed in with the modern brewery, Karl Strauss…so much fun!


The ladies began their day with the talented Natalie Gallegos who provided all the hair and makeup services. The group got ready at the Courtyard Marriott across the street from the restaurant. Continue reading

Indian Mexican Love at the Renaissance

Aju and Rachel met in Washington D.C. where Rachel decide to pursue her masters in American Sign Language. Aju actually thought Rachel was Indian (she is actually Mexican American)! They met at a church and instantly hit it off. Aju communicates by signing and since Rachel’s passion is in ASL; they connected right away.

Rachel and Aju Wedding

Aju and Rachel’s love blossomed quickly and later that year, Aju proposed to Rachel. They both felt San Diego would be the perfect place to get married since it’s where Rachel grew up and Aju loved visiting. They immediately hired us to help find their perfect venue and design their big day! Continue reading

Carlsbad Love Birds

A beautiful ocean view on a perfect, sunny, San Diego afternoon with the most jaw dropping ceremony arch ever seen. A gorgeous couple surrounded by their closest family and friends at one of the most sought after places in California. Karolynn and Travis’s wedding at the Sheraton in Carlsbad, California was just that and so much more.


 Karolynn was referred to us by her close friend Cara, who has known Diana for years, and made a beautiful bridesmaid! Continue reading

Happily Ever After

As guests start to arrive they step out of reality and stepped onto the wooden ballroom floor in the historic El Cortez Don Room. They looked up to admire the exquisitely designed ceilings made of gold and adorned with chandeliers. This historic ballroom has been the host to San Diego’s finest events, but on this summer day in 2016 this ballroom belonged to Christina and Ryan. The vendor team made sure the room was never less than perfect.The room was decorated with lush floral to compliment the burgundy and gold ceilings.


Continue reading


Writing your own vows – tips!

First and foremost, do not leave this until the last moment!   Grab a notebook or jot notes in your phone as things pop into your head.  Remember, this is a time to be vulnerable, which doesn’t come easily to many.  Fond memories or anecdotal reasons you are head over heels with your future spouse are always well received.

Craig, owner of Craig Does Weddings gives this advice:

1. Don’t memorize them. Just read them.  You don’t want your first memory of your wedding day to be, “Man, I was so nervous doing my vows from memory.”  I want the first memory to be, “We had a GREAT wedding!”

2. Remember they are vows, not a summation of your entire history as a couple.  You’re making a promise to your mate, so write things that you want to promise.  Now, it’s ok to have a few “history” events, or character traits you want to highlight.  It doesn’t have to be TOTALLY serious, but, the best vows I’ve heard are promises spoken from the heart. I advised this to one couple in advance of the wedding and during the ceremony, he pulled out three pages of notes for his vows, then she pulled out 2 pages.  In total, both vows took 30 minutes.  We were in the hot sun with no wind on Coronado.  Lot’s of “cutesy” stuff.  Lot’s of “inside” humor.  It didn’t go well.

3. Think “Big themes” rather than small promises.  It’s kind of funny (even cute) when couples promise not to “leave the toilet seat up,” or “take the remote away during NFL games,” but if you do that, keep it to a minimum.  This is “insider information” between the two of you.  You might think it’s cute/funny, but it sounds a little corny and besides, you can’t keep that promise anyway.  Big themes are things like: “loving you through trials and life’s hard knocks,” or “do my best to listen to your words and the feelings behind those words,” or “I will remember that you (and I) are ‘in process’ so I’ll do my best to be patient with you when we have conflict on things,” or “I will encourage you and support you in any new challenges that come your way.”

4. Use themes from “repeat after me” vows for your own vows.  I often direct couples to look over the vow options I give couples and suggest looking at the themes there.  They are a helpful guide.  And, I suggest picking and choosing phrases from those vows that they might want to insert in their own, or put into their own words. They don’t have to, but those vows have some great words to help guide.

5. Look on the internet.  There will be a lot of bad vow options, but there are some good ones out there that you can make your own as well.

Once you’ve honed in on the perfect words, write them on an index card and practice, practice, practice reciting your vows.  You’ll thank me for this tip on your special day when your nerves take hold!


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