Will You Marry Me? Stories and Inspiration on Popping The Big Question!

Recently I was asked for assistance from a good friend who was about to propose but wasn’t sure how. A marriage proposal is a pretty big deal! It is not only the moment couples officially decide to share the rest of their lives together, but it’s also the moment in which a man puts a lot of thought, creativity, and love. It is a life changing moment.  Like a first date or first kiss, it is an event a couple shares that they will never forget. Whether it be large and extravagant or simple and sweet, it is a very special moment; it is their moment. But how does he pop the big question?

When my husband first attempted proposing, his nervousness overwhelmed him and he decided to wait…a few times! He held onto the ring for over two months before he finally asked the big question. He tried proposing to me several times during a hike to Cowles Mountain in San Diego but he became apprehensive so he chose not to. I knew something was fishy because he wanted to sit in a more secluded area and watch the sunset, which was out of character. I sensed his tension but didn’t say anything and so we returned to lower elevation.

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He eventually proposed during a spring trip to Cabo San Lucas. We were staying at a breathtaking resort on the outskirts of Cabo which boasts a private beach. We went for a romantic walk on the beach during sunset. He stopped me and said he had something to ask me. He got down on one knee, quickly said “Will you marry me?” and I became teary eyed. He quickly rose back up and I joked with him that if I were to have blinked, I would have missed my own proposal! Of course I said yes and told him I appreciated how he hid the ring in a safety pouch under his clothes through an international airport and kept it a surprise!

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There are also the very creative and inclusive proposals such as the flash mob choreographed proposal involving family and friends. One recent proposal included a group dancing to “Marry You” where a soon-to-be-groom arranged for the couple’s closest family and friends to be part of the routine. This spectacular proposal ending in, “Who cares, baby I think I wanna marry you”  can be seen here: great wedding proposal.

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Over the holidays I saw a couple on the news that had just gotten engaged. Kevin had taken Rena to the Rockefeller center in New York City to the same spot from her favorite scene in the movie Home Alone and proposed. Rena was ecstatic and of course, said yes!

A friend of mine was also engaged over the holidays, and his proposal had a special hand involved. A devout Christian, Zeb planned a trip to see his family and felt God wanted him to take his amazing girlfriend, Kristen. But Kristen already had her flight scheduled to Iowa and Zeb’s family live in Chicago.  Zeb waited and at the last minute Kristen’s flight was canceled because of a blizzard and, fortunately, there was ONE seat left on Zeb’s flight! Kristen spent time with Zeb’s family and his brother, very close to Zeb, gave his approval. Zeb and Kristen then drove hours to visit her family in Iowa. Kristen’s father passed away over a decade ago, so Zeb asked for both her brother’s and her mother’s blessing and all said yes. On a day trip covering special places like the house where Kristen grew up, Zeb felt the time was arriving. He felt that where his special lady’s life began would also be where her new life story started. Zeb’s heart raced as he awaited that specific moment. The last stop on the tour was the cemetery to visit Kristen’s dad’s grave. Zeb was saying a prayer of thanksgiving with Kristen and her family that turned into asking her father for HIS blessing for the marriage and then Zeb asked Kristen right there and then to be his wife! She cried. She laughed. She said yes! Their proposal story brought tears to my eyes and I am so excited for their new chapter!

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Another friend, Laura, was asked by her boyfriend to marry him on his own birthday. He had always said he wanted a wife for his birthday coming up on December 29th, but she said that it was not the right time so they had agreed on Valentine’s Day. His local family were over and those far away were on Skype as he opened his birthday gifts. When he was asked if he got everything he wanted for his birthday, his response was “Almost, there is one more thing…” as he got down on one knee and brought out the ring. Laura realized what was happening and said “Shut up!” about five times! The moment was being recorded and Laura agreed to become his wife!


As you can see from these different stories, there are so many ways a man can propose. When he does, he should choose a meaningful day, a significant location, and create a moment which is special to both partners. Every couple is unique. Since my husband I are are such personal people, he chose a secluded beach, just the two of us, during sunset. It was a romantic moment that was private for us. Some couples are very close to family and choose to involve them in the big moment. I know of several friends who were proposed to in the presence of family over the holidays. Family loves to share in these moments! Lastly, a good thing is to keep the event short so the element of surprise remains…anything too long and your future bride might catch on!

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