The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding

Isabella Caprario

Getting married is a major life event that you’ll never forget. If you’re planning to walk down the aisle with that special someone, a backyard wedding is a great way to say your vows and tie the knot on a budget. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, it’s easy to plan a backyard wedding if you know where to start. From summer celebrations, elopements, adventures, to a beautiful autumn ceremony, read on to learn how you can plan your wedding for a special moment right in your own backyard.

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San Diego Elopements

We have recently begun to specialize in Elopements for couples choosing to have a wedding ceremony in San Diego! Eloping has been so popular this past year when gatherings have not been possible in San Diego. What it means to elope has also evolved. Unlike before, when eloping was considered a taboo, today many couples are in favor of exchanging their vows in such a unique way. If you still think that a full wedding with many guests is the only way to get married, then read on!

san diego elopement flowers

Eloping just means that rather than hosting a formal wedding with a ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner with lots of guests, the celebration is rather an intimate ceremony with a few guests. It doesn’t mean that you run away with your fiance in secret or do not have the blessing of your parents.

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A Groom’s Guide to a Destination Wedding

So, you are lucky enough to have booked that dream wedding in the sun. A taste of bridal paradise if you will. From mingling in Maui to sunning it up in Seychelles, grooms need to pay attention to those vital details. 

And we are not just talking about throwing their passport and sunnies into his hand luggage. Oh, no folks…but before you shout Bon Voyage, there’s so much more to a destination wedding. 


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Even before you kick off your flip flops on the golden sands, there is lots of prep to undertake. In the first place, consider getting suited and booted before you jet off to your wedding hotspot. Squeezing into your three-piece or tux like a penguin? It will certainly be worth it as there will be no time for adjustments at 30,000 feet.  Continue reading

La Jolla Shores Wedding

The Tea Ceremony

Mike and Charlene began their wedding day with their bridal party at their gorgeous venue, La Jolla Shores Hotel. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and perfect for their celebration!

Charlene & Mike

The couple dressed in traditional Chinese attire and shared a tea ceremony shared with their family members. This ceremony was important for the couple to show gratitude to their parents and was a special start to their day. Continue reading

Practical and Personalized: High-Quality Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

When you think about getting gifts for members of your wedding party, you have three or four basic goals: You want the gift to be practical, personal, convenient and you want it to look expensive (whether it is or not).

Since we now have the internet at our fingerprints, this is a possibility that doesn’t take weeks of searching through boutiques.

Who has time for that while planning for a wedding???

In this list, I’ve noted a few special things that fit all of the points above. (Well, let’s be honest, if you’re shopping online, they’re all convenient). 

Hopefully, you will be inspired to find things that are also unique to your groomsmen (or best man, or fathers in the wedding. . . or any of those guys who’ll make that wedding great).

Grooming Set

grooming set

Personalized Barber Grooming Set with Straight Razor Blade, Wood Comb, Scissors & Sharpening Stone, $74.51,

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