Steampunk Photoshoot

Steampunk – noun: a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.


San Diego Style Weddings Magazine has featured our most recent photo shoot! This Steampunk themed shoot showcases an edgy and topical style that many modern brides are keen on. We spent time with Shadowcatcher Imagery scouting out the ideal location and eye-catching props in order to create a picture perfect shoot. Los Willows in Fallbrook, California is a grand venue that complimented our styled shoot and themed decor wonderfully. Continue reading

What many brides forget!

Guest count? Check. Music? Check. Dress? Check. Accessories? Oops…

The bride, who will have everyone’s attention, has forgotten her accessories for the most important day of her life. About 90% of brides walk out with no accessories for two main reasons. The first is that the bridal store did not have a large selections and the second is that many bridal stores carry accessories that are too expensive. At Your Side Planning recently connected with Sandra Nicole Designs to get you the scoop on the best way to solve this bridal predicament. Sandra Nicole is a boutique which specializes in styling a bride on her wedding day. As more brides are coming to realize the importance of accessories Sandra Nicole’s company has been expanding.


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