Wedding Trends in 2016

Trends are ever-changing. Just when one thinks a new trend is “it” for the season, another emerges. This is why year after year, weddings continue to become more unique. Even for the most traditional brides and grooms, subtle originality added to their wedding day makes it a day of their own. This is how trends begin to emerge! Creative ideas catch hold and blossom into fantastic additions to a beautiful wedding.


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When planning a wedding, we tend to stay in touch with current trends as well  as those from recent seasons. For example, 2015 trends greatly influence those this year. However, we are already seeing new ones emerge! Surprisingly, as automation continues to evolve, couples seem to shy away from keeping their wedding day too technologically advanced. A popularized trend we will be seeing more of this year are “unplugged” weddings. Guests tend to be stuck in the world of their phones or tablets, trying to snap the best pictures and videos of the ceremony or reception, and forget that the most important aspect of the day is simply their presence! Brides and grooms hire photographers and videographers for that exact reason. They would rather you enjoy your time and live in the moment with them. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime day!


Another fun addition couples like to include in their weddings that may help discourage guests from being stuck on their phones is a photo booth! Guests can receive their pictures right away without waiting for the photographer to come around and take them. The printouts  are great gifts that family, friends and the bride and groom can cherish forever.


Outdoor weddings are always popular, but certain themes have not always been fitting for weddings in the open. Growing popularity with “natural” and “rustic” motifs mesh weddings and nature beautifully. Another popular theme that goes along with this idea has gained quite a bit of recognition recently. “Boho” styled weddings are popular with couples that are in-tune with nature and tend to prefer keeping their big day more on the casual side. Brides tend to forego traditional lace veils and replace them instead with fresh floral crowns. Bridesmaid dresses are usually mismatched, a rising trend as well, and of a soft pastel color palette that “boho” weddings are known for. Natural elements such as birchwood and eucalyptus leaves can be seen at weddings with themes such as these. Natural wood tables and wood signage are also very popular.


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A previous blog of ours conveys that Planning an Environmentally Friendly Wedding is a flourishing idea in the world of weddings. Sustainable catering companies focus on providing the service you expect on your special day as well as taking the proper precautions to safeguard the environment from the consequences of issues such as overharvesting. Utilizing a sustainable caterer for your event is a great way to enjoy your day without the worry of negatively impacting the environment.


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Other food trends we will be seeing often this year involve everyone’s favorite wedding fare – desserts! Wedding cakes are a long-standing tradition that bakeries are taking creative approaches to keep contemporary. “Naked cakes” are a newer fad becoming ever more popular. Traditional fondant and buttercream wedding cakes are created to look intricate and showy, while naked cakes are made to look natural and taste delicious! Not everyone is a fan of overly-dressed cakes and this is a perfect option for those who aren’t! On the other hand, some brides and grooms opt to not have cakes at all. Cake is not everyone’s favorite dish and weddings are meant to be about the happy couple and what they enjoy together. Popular alternatives to cake include pies, ice cream and even s’mores!


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The most important trend to always remember to include is staying true to the meaning of the day. A combination of every bride and groom’s personalities should shine through from the decor, to the music and venue. Weddings that seem to be popular now don’t have a theme at all. Rather, the focus is a fusion of the couple’s cultures. We’ve had the honor of coordinating a Chinese – Jewish Fusion Wedding at The Prado with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and Jewish chuppah, among other elements, that was a fantastic blend of the bride and groom’s cultures. This trend will forever exist as a way of showing friends and family the beauty of not just a wedding, but of a marriage.


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This year, Pantone revealed their idea that 2016’s color trends of the year will be rose quartz and serenity. We are big fans of this pastel color combo. The subtle beauty of the shades complement each other yet are still gorgeous on their own. These colors can be implemented in almost any aspect of wedding decor. Draping is a popular technique that looks gorgeous on ceremony arches, guest tables or above a dance floor. These colors can also be a beautiful focal point of guest and sweetheart tables. Print or textured linens are stylish trends this season. One-tone linens still look beautiful with any centerpiece, but it seems that this new trend of setting table linens at the forefront rather than as a backdrop is a hit!


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Photo by Tony Cortez Photography
Photo by Acqua Photo

2016 will be filled with new and unique ideas! We will be here every step of the way to share what those new styles are! Regardless of the trend or look of your wedding day, we encourage you to remember the meaning of the day. Ensure that it is a resemblance of you as a couple. Once you start with that, your big day is sure to be an occasion that you and your loved ones remember forever.

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